Group Workshops and Online Offerings

                  I love facilitating group work because our human nature is to gather together to support each other on our journeys through life….                      to share, release, learn, cry, laugh, struggle, witness and hold sacred space, heal, explore, and celebrate together in community. 

The word SYNERGY perfectly embodies this:


[ Definition: the cooperation of two or more elements to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate individual effects; the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts ]

This group work is designed to be very dynamic and interactive with constant opportunities to embody new tools for release, growth, connection and remembering the truth of our being. When we work together as a group, the energy and effect is amplified so we can often do more in a shorter amount of time than we could by ourselves. The foundation of each workshop gathering or online program is my grandmother’s life work (which is explained in more detail on the “About” page) with an integration of:

Nature Based Practices

The natural world is a direct reflection of the divine self that we really are and a gateway into our place and purpose in the world. True nature immersion and communion is like coming home, a complete renewal of spirit.

Creative Arts Practices

We are all artists, storytellers, writers, dancers, singers, music-makers and have access to an endless source of creative inspiration if we open ourselves up to this potential. It is part of the human experience and weaving these and other creative practices into this work helps to tangibly integrate the learning, change and inner guidance received into every level of our existence.

Body Based Practices

These physical bodies are meant to be fully inhabited as our vehicles for release, healing, change, creation, and connection. Our bodies can anchor higher energies into this physical dimension and can be an embodiment of balance that radiates out into the world. Some of these body-based practices include yoga, tai chi, qigong, somatic movement explorations and sacred dance.

Testimonials – What other participants have said

“Crystal is a powerful energy neutralizer – when I took her workshop, she transformed the space into one with utmost safety. You can feel her dedication and devotion…one of the most nurturing classes of my life – learn from her!” – Sydney
“Crystal is a knowledgeable, grounded, caring and inspiring teacher! In my workshop with Crystal I felt held and supported the whole way through. You can feel that her teachings are based on a deep understanding and her own strong personal practice. Her gentleness is passed on to the participants and make her classes and workshops a restoring and heart opening experience. I was deeply touched and inspired by the love and devotion radiating from her.” – Tara
“I arrived physically and emotionally depleted, but I am leaving refreshed and restored. The retreat workshop with Crystal was a wonderful blessing of resting in a tranquil environment to connect with nature and the work we did together allowed me to remember the truth of who I really am. The ability to be in the present moment in these creative processes created a space for me to return to wholeness. It has been a wonderful experience for me, one that I will never forget.” – Gena