Two years ago on a journey through the Sacred Valley of Peru, I took a long bus ride to a place known as Condor Valley. Here, dozens of condors in all stages of life gather every morning to ride the air currents through the canyons. Their massive wingspan provides a smooth glide through the long canyons below and the open skies overhead. In this part of the world, the condor is held as the most sacred bird and a messenger between the heavens and the earth. It is regarded as a symbol of peace and freedom and it has been prophesized in the Amazon that long ago human societies split into 2 paths with the eagle of the north representing the path of the mind and the condor of the south representing the path of the heart. Now the prophecy says we have an opportunity as a human family to come together, eagle and condor, head and heart, to create a new level of consciousness for humanity so that balance, peace and love will rise throughout the world.

The reason I’m sharing this story here is because it was in this canyon with the condors that I received a message to begin leading transformative travel known as…



Coming home to all that is within and the beauty and magic all around us


We know that physically changing our environment naturally opens our mindset and frame of reference. It can catalyze new insights and breakthroughs… I’ve seen and experienced this time and time again. Forward momentum in life is assisted by literally moving forward while traveling as we step out of our daily home routines and drop into the unknown space of somewhere new – new vistas, new horizons, new challenges, new connections, new friends & mirrors – with all possibilities wide open. This is a way of travel bridging ancient traditions and higher wisdom with the mobility of the modern world. Moments in time beyond words when kindred souls come together to experience the beauty and sweetness of the flow of life and become instruments for healing and change in the world, literally with every step and breath we take.

The vision for these journeys:

There are many known and well-visited sacred sites and powerful energy centers on Earth and these journeys may visit some of them but it’s more about experiencing the sacred in everything, everywhere. I’m fortunate to have friends in many different countries and settings across the globe and will be collaborating with them to bring you a variety of local and international experiences when it is safe to travel in groups again. These are designed with the intention to practice new ways of being in daily life rather than an isolated travel period that remains encapsulated in the past. Rather than a typical sightseeing tour with endless photo and souvenir stops, the intention of these journeys is to create a cohesive energy field among the participants as we move through different locations to focus on:

  • energetically giving back to the land rather than only taking through freeing up old heavy energies from wars, violence, neglect, abuse, etc. and reconnecting love and light
  • opening to receive messages from nature and to collaborate through nature-based rituals, practices, and meditations
  • allowing our collective higher consciousness to guide us into the wonder and magic present in every moment but often overlooked when we’re busy or stressed
  • practicing how to inhabit our bodies more fully by allowing the body to speak and spirit to dance through our physical being
  • exploring a sense of belonging to everything – integrating the past and present, the old and new, all parts of ourselves to feel more in life’s flow
  • moving together throughout the trip with collaboration, respect, learning, and open communication

Are you ready to take a journey like no other to the sacred heart of life?

Due to the current global pandemic these travel journeys are suspended until it is safe to travel in groups again.