A Rebirth of the work for these Current Times

The last book my grandmother wrote just before she passed at age 102 was titled The Flight of the Phoenix to Liberation. The mythical Phoenix bird who burns up in the sun and is reborn anew from the ashes has become symbolic of this process of transformation…a “death”, a full releasing of everything that does not benefit us to allow for a “birth” of new ways that support and nourish. Simply put, it’s a simultaneous clearing away of the old burdens to make way for a new, liberated experience of life on Earth. A transition from a way of life led by the ego, which is self-serving by nature, into a new way of life led by higher consciousness with compassion, respect, truth, peace, and love for all. It is also time to weave a deeper connection with the natural world to restore the harmonious balance of life on our beloved planet.

My grandmother was an inspiring caretaker and channel for this work for well over 60 years and many others throughout the world have been sharing the method in wonderful ways where they live. Now in the last several years since her passing in 2016, I’ve received the message loud and clear to step more fully into the role of caretaker and channel for the continued evolution and global sharing of this work in the unique ways it flows through me. I have been shown to incorporate movement, songs, art, nature connection, and many other creative practices into the method to anchor these changes and help us to be more grounded, empowered, and in the joyful creative flow of life. So this work in its current form is an integration and evolution. I don’t consider it “my” work, just as my grandmother didn’t claim it to be her own either. It is for everyone and has a life and path of its own.

The new name of ‘Crystal Phoenix Rising’ honors my grandmother’s tremendous contribution, the lineage that I am carrying on, the crystal clarity that comes from attuning with higher consciousness, the Phoenix symbolism and process, and the intention of using this work to help uplift the energy and awareness in the world to keep moving us forward through these challenging times. My grandmother used to tell me over and over again, “This work needs to keep evolving in order to stay relevant and useful as the world changes”. These times call for this type of work more than ever and we each are the ones to do it by diving into the Phoenix process and co-creating with our higher consciousness and each other to birth a new world….the Golden Age.

In the Beginning…


The story of this work began in the early 1950s with my grandmother, Phyllis Krystal, and her dear friend, Virginia Lenney. They both were living in Hollywood at the time, both housewives and mothers to young children, and both had been searching for deeper meaning in their lives. Meditation and spiritual teachings were very few and far between in the west back then but they found a teacher of a specific meditation technique and the two women began meditating together in the privacy of their own homes. Before this, they both had the experience of occasionally waking up in the morning with an insight of a perfect solution to a problem they had been struggling with and felt these insights must be coming from a higher source and that there must be a way to have more regular contact with this higher conscious part of themselves. They intuitively knew that this was the source of all the answers they had been seeking. They learned that this higher self was an elevated state of awareness, one with everything, and beyond the limitations of the body and the ego/mind with all of its preferences, fears, and patterns. So they embarked on this journey to regularly meditate together with the intention of connecting more strongly with this higher consciousness and soon began receiving visions of specific symbols along with guidance on how to work with them for different issues. They thought at the time that these explorations and practices were just to improve their own lives and had no idea then what would evolve from these early meetings.

Expanding Out Into The World…


As Phyllis and Virginia began diligently working with these symbols and following the guidance of their higher consciousness, their lives started changing. Lifelong patterns such as extreme shyness and low self-confidence began to transform. Old wounds from childhood experiences started to heal. They were becoming happier and more positive. Their friends and family members started noticing these changes and wanted to take part in whatever they were doing! So they slowly started sharing how to do this inner work and as more people noticed the beneficial changes in themselves, word continued to spread. Phyllis saw people privately for sessions and over time was asked to give talks to groups about this work. She eventually realized that taking this method out into the world was her life’s work and dedicated the rest of her long life to this mission. She wrote more than a dozen books and consistently traveled the globe sharing this work as it continued to evolve.

Over the course of time since the 1950s and with the help of many others, this comprehensive method has been unfolding for attuning with the infinite wisdom of our higher consciousness, which is our true self beyond the body or mind, and removing all of the old conditioning and layers that obscure this connection. The more of us who are freely living from this source of inner wisdom, which always knows what is best for us individually and collectively, the greater the positive impact will be in the world.

How does it work?


This method uses universal symbols and visualization techniques to positively reprogram the subconscious mind and align the subconscious, conscious, and higher conscious parts of ourselves to alleviate suffering and bring more freedom to daily life. Numerous studies have shown that up to 95% of how we think, act, and feel is rooted below the surface in the subconscious from past experiences. My grandmother used to say this part of our mind is like a computer that records every experience we’ve ever had and for better or worse, directs how we feel and live our lives. In particular, painful experiences from childhood often get stored in the subconscious in an unprocessed or incorrectly processed way because our young selves simply couldn’t understand what was happening at the time. These experiences can then form ongoing beliefs at the subconscious level such as, “I am not safe”, “I am not good enough”, “Nothing ever works out”, “Nobody loves me”, and on and on without us even being aware of it. These self-defeating beliefs will continue to be in control in the driver’s seat until we consciously work to transform them. We also carry beliefs from our families, ancestors, friends, teachers, culture, society, past lifetimes, and so on for quite a collection of things that do not belong to us and do not benefit us. This method provides simple, practical tools for getting to the roots and weeding out the effect of any negative experiences and programming we’ve received that is limiting our growth, our potential, and our overall well-being. It empowers us to free ourselves from all of these controlling influences. We can then choose how we respond to any given situation instead of unconsciously reacting. Since everything is energy and our thoughts and beliefs largely shape the world around us, the impact of doing this inner clearing and transforming of stuck energy extends out beyond ourselves. Then when we gather together with the intention of using these tools to help globally heal, balance, uplift, and love, the power of the energy that flows through us as a group and the good that is done is beyond what we can even imagine!

This work is universal and not associated with or limited to one type of person or culture or belief. Higher consciousness can be seen as God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Sathya Sai Baba, Divine Mother, Spirit guides, Source, the Higher Self or any other embodiment of pure divine awareness. Even those who don’t believe in a higher source usually recognize that there’s a deeper intuitive knowing within themselves beyond the rational thinking mind. Young children are naturally still in touch with this source and it can be helpful for them to think of it as an “inner best friend”. Through inner attunement to higher consciousness in whatever form it’s perceived, we have direct access to true wisdom and guidance every step of the way.

We are not separate from this source, it is truly all within.

By living in alignment with this higher guidance, our true essence, we are free to live our soul’s purpose and our lives can be used for our greatest growth and the highest good of all living beings since we are all interconnected. We can play our role in life without being so attached to outcomes and identities. There is more joy and ease regardless of external circumstances because we are in the natural flow of life instead of swimming upstream and chasing the fleeting attractions of the material world. This doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life, it just means we’re no longer attached to and dependent on the material world to provide our happiness and fulfillment. Thus, our lives become simpler and more meaningful. We are all in the world at this particular time in history for a reason. We each have our own part to play, our own unique contributions to make for the greater good of all in transitioning into a new way of living on this planet.

“There is a desperate need for major worldwide change in order for humanity to evolve to a higher state of consciousness. We are being given the opportunity in this lifetime to finish up the karma of our life so far and like the Phoenix, die to the old way of life of being a servant of the ego.

Then through our own efforts, become free to begin a new way of life as instruments of the HiC (higher consciousness or Real Self) to lead the world to what some people call a Golden Age or New Age. This seems to be the choice that each one of us is facing in this life.” – Phyllis Krystal