Private Sessions


Sometimes throughout life, we can come up against the limitations of what we know how to do to on our own. At times like these, it can be extremely beneficial to seek help to break through in a focused, personalized way through private sessions.

The ultimate goal is to strengthen the connection with our own inner guidance and this takes practice, just like exercising a muscle. In these private sessions, we will begin by entering into a very relaxed state and shift from being led by the mind and our outward senses to our inner world of intuition and higher wisdom. We will both ask that the sessions be guided by our joint higher consciousness and in this way, each session will provide exactly what is in the greatest good for you at that particular time.

It is like receiving a map of where to start and how to move step by step through the process of transforming whatever is holding you back from being your clearest, truest self.

In these private sessions you will:

  • Be empowered to connect more regularly to your own higher conscious guidance to clarify your vision and direction
  • Clearly identify inner blocks and free yourself from them 
  • Learn daily tools for staying in balance, opening to your greater potential, and proactively working with whatever comes up in life
  • Optimize your environment
  • Get into a fun, creative flow 
  • Receive individual support and accountability to help keep you on track and moving forward

Single Sessions – Cutting the ties that bind

These single sessions are for those who are already familiar with this work and just want some assistance with a particular Cutting The Ties That Bind freedom ceremony

$100 per hour

Transformational packages


Six months of working together one-on-one, which gives us time to go deeper into the roots of patterns and energies you are ready to release or transform with full support every step of the way. Included is:

  • Three 90-minute calls per month (the fourth week of every month will give space for more integration)
  • Unlimited emails and texts as needed
  • Recorded meditations (one per month) to support what is optimal for you at that time
  • Personalized energy healing
  • Discounted enrollment fee for any workshops, group online programs, or Everyday Sacred Travel journeys