Images from Workshops and gatherings

Poetry by Crystal

Fresh Eyes For These Times


With fresh eyes
Greet each day
An open mind and loving heart pave the way
Toward creating a new reality
Of non-duality
I am you, you are me
We have suffered together under the false decree
That we are separate from it all
How can it be
That we have lived like this for so long
Ignoring Earth’s sweet song?

Covid 19 is our latest wake-up call
To remind us of what’s truly important
Beyond the rush of the daily haul
In the forced stillness
We breathe and return
To the inner flame of love and compassion….let it burn
Brighter and stronger for the world to see
This movement starts with you and with me

So let’s continue this paradigm shift
Let the old ways crumble and fall as we lift
Praise the sun, the trees, the air we breathe
The gift of this time is a reprieve
From the running around and endless to-do’s
I see you, I feel you, so let us use
This opportunity for all of humanity
To look within and ask
“How can a more peaceful, harmonious, loving, connected world begin with me?”



When we walk with our heads down
We lose sight of the rhythm and the rhyme
Of the Universe and all of its intricate parts
Smoothly flowing without stops and starts
The cosmos are in you and in me
We strive and we struggle just to be
Our humanity is awakened
When our world is shaken
When will we realize
That what is behind these eyes
Is the truth of our being…true seeing
As the caterpillar is metamorphosized
He dies to the old form
And emerges with the real prize
The gift of flight
Let there be light
May we all transform this world
And let love carry us to new heights


Songs for the Symbols


(For protecting and strengthening your own energetic field)

This golden circle of mine is with me all the time  (Repeats twice)

All the time, all the time, all the time

This is my sacred space, nothing will invade this space        (Repeats twice)

Sacred space, sacred space, my sacred space






(For removing limitations)

Open open open to the possibilities

Beyond the mind we will find

We’re given exactly what we need

Beyond our wildest dreams