Crystal Taylor

Each experience in life perfectly prepares us for what is to come next whether we realize it or not. For me, every step has felt like a puzzle piece that has added to the bigger vision for what my life’s main work or purpose is….in a broad sense, I know I am here to help raise the energy and awareness in the world and in a more specific sense, it is through carrying on the work that my grandmother, Phyllis Krystal, devoted her life to for many decades, but in a vibrant new way for these new times. I deeply honor her legacy and the solid foundation for the work that she and many others built over the years and at the same time, I’ve been guided to allow the work to evolve in order to stay relevant and aligned with what’s needed during these current times on the planet.

Beginning at a very young age, I remember pondering the purpose of life and what lies beyond the physical experience of life as we know it. This set the course as a seeker of greater truths. It has also been part of my life’s story, like many of us, to experience loss and heartache in many forms, isolation where I’ve felt like a “fish out of water”, and frequent periods of transition where my external comfort zone has been removed. It has not been an easy road and continues to challenge me at times but I’ve learned to welcome everything as a blessing as I know that it is all for my highest growth and has been exactly what I’ve needed. These challenges have given me the opportunity time and time again to turn inward for stability and guidance from my own higher conscious self that is eternal and one with everything.


I have also always had a deep love and respect for the sanctity of all life and the interconnectedness of everything. Immersed in nature is where I feel most nourished. Along with this is my lifelong love of dance, music, art, and really all forms of creative expression that help inspire and uplift consciousness. I have traveled the world for the past 22 years to 40 countries on 5 continents and have been very fortunate to study directly with many masters in a variety of fields spanning science, spirituality, energy work, and creativity. I am a Registered Somatic Movement and Expressive Arts Therapist, a trained Biontology light worker, a former genetic researcher, and a Certified Yoga and Meditation instructor. I’ve also had the great privilege of participating in ceremonies with indigenous peoples around the world, which has reinforced my knowing that the power of ritual nature connection and ancient wisdom is an integral part of helping to restore planetary balance.

Many studies have been done which show that what we are most passionate about when we are 8-10 years old is directly linked to our greatest gifts and purpose in our lives. For me at that age, I was most passionate about movement, music, nature, healing, and teaching. I used to line my dolls up in my room and teach them everything I knew! Since then, I have come to see how all of these pieces fit together into a bigger picture of clearing our old blocks, renewing the natural energy flow within us, attuning to our higher conscious guidance, and becoming clearer channels for global healing and upliftment. I have been honored to teach classes and workshops with all ages and walks of life throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, South America, and Africa.

I am immensely grateful for all of the beautiful souls I have been fortunate to know and collaborate with on this life journey thus far and for all of the loving support I’ve received. I am also continually inspired and encouraged by the magic that unfolds when we gather together with the intention of healing and returning to loving harmonious relationships with ourselves, each other, and the planet to co-create a new world.