Children’s Programs and Resources

Imagine a world where every child feels safe and supported in being their true self…a world where every child feels valued and is asked what wisdom and gifts they were born to share. We are moving in the direction of this new reality on Earth and children need extra support now to help them along the current bumpy road that will eventually get us there. They have an important role to play in moving us forward into a new paradigm.

So there’s no better time to introduce children to some simple and practical daily practices that can help them navigate this world with more ease and more confidence in their inner guidance.​ These tools include symbols and visualization practices from my grandmother’s method along with basic yoga postures, tai chi movements, child-friendly meditation and breathing techniques, songs, music, writing, fun props, easy dance movements, art, storytelling, games, and nature connection activities so children practice and learn with their bodies, minds, emotions, intuition, and imagination.

These programs and online resources help children to:

  • Develop a stronger connection with their inner source of wisdom and feel empowered to follow this intuition, which I refer to as an inner best friend
  • Gain greater access and understanding of their unique qualities and gifts
  • Love and accept themselves so they can truly love and accept others
  • Constructively work with difficult emotions like fear, anger, jealously, insecurity, etc
  • Use simple practices to weed out negative beliefs like “I’m not good enough”
  • Energetically protect themselves to feel more safe and secure
  • Make decisions and find solutions that will be benefit everyone involved
  • Build resiliency so they feel happier regardless of the ups and downs of daily life
  • Value kindness, compassion, universal love and practice sharing these ways of being 
  • Enhance their imagination in useful, fun ways
  • Strengthen their innate connection with the natural world and develop great respect for nature

More Information coming soon on these programs and resources for children

There’s a new book and videos currently in the works