We are at a crossroads on this planet….

The entire world is being shaken up as old systems and ways of being are breaking down. This is a necessary part of transformation and of the Phoenix process, a ‘death’ of the old forms and a ‘rebirth’ from the ashes. Humanity is being given the perfect opportunity to remember our harmonious place within the interconnected web of all life and thrive instead of continuing to destroy and divide.

We are being invited to co-create a whole new liberated experience of life on earth as Peaceful and Compassionate caretakers of ourselves, each other, and the entire planet

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”  – Einstein

So how do we get there?

By remembering that we are our own source of all the answers we seek to our personal struggles and global challenges. These answers do not come from our thinking mind, the ego, but rather from going deeper within. It is time to strengthen the communication with our wise higher conscious self and breathe new life into our creative soul. We all have the ability to connect with this universal source of inner guidance to align our thoughts, words, and actions for the highest good of ourselves and all beings.

It starts with each one of us

We have the choice to free ourselves from the old baggage that we’ve carried with us from childhood, from difficult life experiences, from our ancestors, from society, and even from past lifetimes to allow space for more balanced, connected, loving ways to rise up both personally and globally…to cut through the busy noise in the world to hear the whispers of the heart…to be more at peace within ourselves regardless of the ups and downs of daily life…to love all and serve the highest good in all. Everything is energy and when we start to let go of what’s personally weighing us down and holding us back, we automatically have a positive impact on the world. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t fit in to the current ways of society, it’s because you were never meant to. You are here to help change the world simply by fully expressing your true self.

   What is Crystal Phoenix Rising?

My name is Crystal Taylor and my grandmother was a world-renowned author, teacher, and speaker named Phyllis Krystal. This Crystal Phoenix Rising work is a new chapter of the living, evolving body of global work that began with my grandmother and her friend Virginia Lenney nearly 70 years ago. This work blends visualization of light-filled universal symbols for connecting to higher consciousness and weeding out negative subconscious conditioning, meditation, body-based practices to move and clear energy, art, music, singing, creative writing, nature connection, ritual, community-building, and so much more all in service of fully embodying who we truly are and what we’re here to do with the precious gift of life on Earth.

On a practical daily life level, this work creates freedom from chronic stress, anxiety, insecurity, guilt, shame, fear, greed, control, unhealthy/limiting habits, ancestral patterns, frustrating triggers in relationships, the effects of painful past experiences, etc. Countless people across the globe who use these tools and techniques regularly report more confidence, clarity, inner peace, trust, easier decision-making, better self-care and health, deeper meditations and intuitive guidance, and an expanded ability to give, receive, and be love. 

It’s about integrating the practical and spiritual, head and heart, grounded and uplifted, feminine (yin) and masculine (yang), creative flow and inspired action and opening up to the magic of life beyond the linear mental experience that has been dominant for so many people for so long now.

Mission of this work

  • To share with others this approach for turning occasional insight into everyday communication with our own higher conscious self, our constant inner best friend
  • To help people of all ages and backgrounds free themselves from their chains of suffering and learn to proactively work with the energies within us and in everything
  • To be in service of raising the energy and consciousness on this planet
  • To honor my grandmother’s legacy while allowing this work to evolve according to how it flows through me. This includes visions I’ve received for international centers for this work in nurturing natural settings and bringing this work to more children, which was also my grandmother’s dream. In that spirit, 20% of all proceeds from workshops, talks, online programs, travel journeys, and private sessions will go directly towards sharing this work with more children to help them connect with their inner best friend and be free from the burdens that most people drag into adulthood before learning how to let them go


 Tread lightly on the days stretched out ahead of you

Leave as little mark as possible on your own ego self

 Let the light from within enclose each day

And when it is finished, blow it away as you would a soap bubble

And move forward unencumbered by old memories, mistakes, and successes

This is the way to peace

Phyllis Krystal The Flight of the Phoenix to Liberation




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